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30 Jul

Many of my followers and clients are about to embark on a wonderful journey throughout the month of August. My last post was about my Killen Fitness Whole30 August Challenge. Here are a couple of recipes that were too good not to share. I get most of my recipes off of Facebook Pages that I follow. Here are 2 recipes that are Paleo & AIP (Auto-immune paleo) friendly. 

Grazed & Enthused’s AIP Chicken and Gravy: 

Click the link for her recipe. Her picture is much prettier than mine, but here is mine.  I can not get over how delicious this was! I can’t wait to make it again. Hubby 100% approved as well. My only modification was I used a “regular” orange sweet potato for lack of finding the Japanese ones. 


Delicious Obsessions’ Paleo Egg Rolls:
(Nut free & AIP option) 

Click link for her recipe. This was my first time ever working with Yuca root. I love it! It was hard to find (went to 3 stores) but worth it! My modifications were to omit the “Chinese 5 Spices”  from my filling and my sauce did not include siracha or palm sugar. This made it AIP friendly. For the Whole30 omit sugar as well.  The only downside to these is that they were a bit of work. Having a Vitamix would have made things much easier. My regular blender did not blend the dough well enough. That made it hard to roll due to the thickness. Taste was incredible regardless. Here are a few pics of mine.

eggrollIng1 eggrollIng2 eggrolls


As incredible as these both are, keep in mind that during the Whole30 days, you may want to keep things more simple. The book states to not try to recreate naughty dishes even with approved ingredients. After my first strict 30 days I made the egg rolls. They are a great option after the challenge. The chicken I did have during my 30 days 🙂 Do what is best for you! 


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